Happy 2014!

Bicycle Belts had an amazing year in 2013!  I can't say enough how thankful I am for everyone's support.  Aside from making hundreds of belts,  I had a blast all year riding bikes, traveling, meeting new friends, blogging, and sponsoring lots of great races and events.  For 2014, you can expect more of the same.  Bicycle Belts has a simple goal, concentrate on putting out handmade, high-quality, durable, repurposed bicycle tire belts.  I enjoy making each belt and seeing the transition from a used tire into a completely new product.  It's fun to think of where each tire has gone, what roads or trails it has seen, what bike it may have been on, etc., and then to see where it goes when it's repurposed into a new belt.  The first batch of products for 2014 was just completed today and we're looking forward to another great year!   Thanks everybody!