2013 News

Lots going on with Bicycle Belts this summer and first things first , I just want to say thanks to all the customers, followers, and my local bike shops for constantly helping along the way.  My local shops have been really helping out by recycling and saving their used tires for me to pick up and I really appreciate it.  To date, over 500 tires have been saved from the landfill and turned into belts.  Last fall I decided to begin numbering each belt in the inventory and this has made it way easier for shoppers to pick the belt that they want.  While many people recommend making the belts purchasable directly from the website, I still choose to work with each customer individually to get you the belt you're most happy with.  I find it way more rewarding to meet and correspond directly with customers from all around the world along the way.

For 2013, my goal remains the same, to put out top quality, one-of-a-kind, handmade belts and keychains.  Aside from that I've been very active on the blog as well as the social media outlets.  If you're not following, be sure to follow our Facebook page as well as Instagram and Twitter.  We just had our first contest and product giveaway this week and many more contests, giveaways, cycling posts, etc. will be coming soon, plus followers get the first look at new products such as the Instagram belt of the day, etc.

The next event Bicycle Belts will be sponsoring is Hellcat 3 Alleycat Race in Jacksonville, Florida on July 27th along with many other great sponsors.  I'll be there riding and racing all weekend so be sure to give a shout. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. 

Thanks again for everyone's support!