904Fixed X Bicycle Belts Custom U-lock Belts

Bicycle Belts has been working on a collaboration with 904Fixed for a long time and it's finally time to reveal the finish product.  These are one-of-a-kind Bicycle Belts made from repurposed bicycle tires just like our regular belts, but we've added a custom u-lock holder made from polyester webbing.  The polyester webbing used for the holder is very strong and stretch resistant even in wet conditions. The u-lock holder is also adjustable via extra holes in the belt at either end, so you can custom fit to whatever u-lock you are using.  The 904 Fixed X Bicycle Belts logo is sublimated into the webbing which means it will not wear off like a screen printed logo on the surface would.  For the rider who would prefer to carry the u-lock on the right hip, the webbing could easily be flipped over and you would just wear the belt the opposite way. 

These belts have been tried and tested and you can rest assured that your u-lock will be held tight and secure, and also be easy to access.  These are very convenient for messengers and commuters who need quick, easy access to their locks, and also great for everyday rides where you don't want to have to wear your messenger bag, backpack, etc.

These belts will be exclusively sold through the 904Fixed Online Store and the first three belts are available now in custom Hellcat2 Alleycat Race colors.  Made from Red/Black/Grey Michelin Pro Race tires, these are limited edition and the only three that will be made in this color combination, so act quickly.  These won't last long!

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