Bicycle Belts News

These last few weeks have been very exciting for Bicycle Belts, and I want to thank friends, family, and everyone  who has helped me and given me positive feedback along the way.  I am having a lot of fun making these belts, and I enjoy the whole process.  From picking up the belts at local bike shops, to seeing the finished products.  I really enjoy seeing the transformation from a used bicycle tire that was destined to be in a landfill, into a usable, wearable product.  I really want to say a big thank you to the staff at Higher Ground, Joe's, Great Bicycle Shop, and Zone 5, for saving all of their used tires for me.  I really appreciate it.

I have been busy making new belts in anticipation of the holidays, and sales have definitely been picking up.  The website has been getting views from all over the world and it's cool to know that so many people are checking out my products.  There are now several people wearing the belts locally, as well as in Chicago and Los Angeles, so I'm very excited!

I am also extremely happy to announce that Bicycle Belts are now being carried by Spriggs Laid Back Luxe, a locally owned and operated clothing store in Northeast Tallahassee. I really want to thank the owners, David and LeeAnn Spriggs for placing my belts in their store.  I really appreciate it. If you get a chance, be sure to stop in and take a look.

Thanks again for everyone's support!